Top Load Sleever

The Top Load Sleever, iXAPACK PACKAGING, allows the placing of a product or a batch of products continuously on a sleeve, with gluing from above.
The Top Load Sleever provides the opportunity to overpack various types of products: trays, cans, yogurts, cups …
These products can be supported thanks to a simple and quick changeover of tooling on the Delta robot.
Products can be detected either by sensors or by vision devices that also enable quality control.

Top Load Sleever
Top Load Sleever

Benefits & advantage:

  • Easy to use: Human-machine interface via 12-inch colour touch screen
  • Total access throughout the machine through sliding doors
  • Store of large capacity, horizontal blanks
  • Scalable Machine: creation of new formats via desk panel
  • Automatic format change
  • Superimposition of products by robots
  • Product detection by cell or vision system that can also be used for quality control of products
  • Possibility of sampling at the of the end of machine
  • Non-captive machine: 90% of material used comes from retail parts