Sterile / Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant

Fully automatic oral liquid manufacturing plant consists of:
  • Sugar charging / transfer system.
  • Premixing vessel.
  • Sugar melting vessel.
  • Basket filter & transfer pump.
  • Syrup manufacturing vessel.
  • Inline homogenizer.
  • Zero hold up filter press.
  • Storage vessel.
  • Interconnecting pipeline, valves and other accessories.
  • Transfer pumps.
  • Working platform.
  • Control panel.
Key Fatures:
  • Sugar transfer through a vacuum system
  • Sugar melting vessel with jacketed, insulated and cladded with bottom entry propeller mixer for vigorous mixing
  • Manufacturing vessel with jacketed, insulated and cladded with bottom entry homogenizer mixer for vigorous mixing
  • Storage vessel with bottom entry propeller mixer
  • In-line high shear mixer for suspensions
  • Filtration System for the clear / suspension syrups
  • Sanitary piping systems with butterfly valves
  • Stainless steel operating platform with staircase and railing
  • CIP & SIP System provision for cleaning & sanitization of the system
  • Available from 500 ltrs to 20000ltrs
  • MOC SS304 / SS316 / SS316L
  • Steam heating / Electric heating
  • Loadcell weight system for main manufacturing vessel
  • We can design as per customer requirement
  • In compliance with cGMP
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant PLC / SCADA based automation system
Liquid Manufacturing Plant