Fluid Bed System
Fluid Bed System

Fluid Bed System

From 5 kgs to 500 kgs Model

Fluid Bed Dryers (FBD) are primarily used in almost all chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dyestuff and other process industries to dry materials by fluidization with hot and / or dehumidified air, which creates a turbulence in the wet product (not totally liquid) while flowing through it.

A model with complete automation and PLC, automatic bag shaking and with MIMIC is also offered. The drying time depends on various factors such as physical properties of material, moisture content, type of moisture (free or inherent or water of crystallization), drying temperature etc. For example, the crystalline product can be dried faster than amorphous product containing same percentage of moisture at same temperature.

Salient Features:
  • Modular Design.
  • Uniform Drying with less Drying time.
  • Easy Dismantling of Dutch Sieve & Perforated Sheet at the Product container.
  • Online Sampling Device.
  • Fully Automatic Operation through PLC & HMI.
  • Product Container with wruster column for coating application.
  • Fluid bed processor and fluid bed coater with top and/or bottom spray
  • Flameproof Design (Optional).
  • All contact parts are made from SS 316 L.
  • WIP system for efficient cleaning of machine after each batch process.
  • Single piece design & construction to enhance GMP and to facilitate hygienic cleaning
  • Light glass provided for inside view during operation
  • Bag sealing through inflatable seal pneumatic operated
  • Butterfly valve type damper
  • Auto damper on/off pneumatic operated during bag shaking cycle
  • Damper will be auto on when blower is on & auto off when blower is off
  • Bowl locking pneumatic operated
  • Sampling port for inline checking
  • Pre air filtration by 20 or 10 micron filters
  • Three stage filtration 0.3 micron hepa filter (Optional)
  • Solid flow monitoring (Optional)
  • In compliance with cGMP.
  • 21 CFR Part 11Compliance with process data records and multi level password.