Bin/Container Washing System

IBC Washing Station is a fully automatic wash station that washes, rinses and dries IBCs at every set time cycles.

The Wash Station consists of a booth with high pressure wash nozzles for internal and external washing of IBCs. Nozzles are arranged to cover IBC surfaces, lid and bottom valve.

IBC Bin Washing System
IBC Bin Washer
Process Cycle
  • Pre-wash
  • Wash with soap or detergent
  • Rinse
  • Purified water rinse and
  • Forced draught drying with HEPA filtered hot air.
Process Methodology
  • All wash cycles are programmable and are based on previous product use.
  • Two door layout permits separation of unclean and clean side.
  • IBC is loaded from the unclean side and washed.
  • The dry IBC is removed from clean side door. Doors are interlocked to prevent any breach of security between clean and unclean side.
Process Data Information
  • Process Information Center provides complete process data for wash sequence.
  • Wash cycles are fully programmable and washing process data can be printed out by an optional printing software.
  • IPC can be offered as an option for process data storage.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance