Rapid Transfer Port

RTP (Rapid Transfer Port) is a device that is used to securely transfer material from the chamber to elsewhere, while preventing contamination of the product or the environment. RTP consists of two basic parts. Alpha port is fixed on the isolator chamber; Beta port, which is connected to Alpha port, is used as a container for material transfer. RTP is based on a double-door principle; the port into the container may not be opened until the Alpha and Beta ports are connected. RTP is often used for material output and transport or for the removal of solid waste from the chambers. The system comes in five standard sizes 105, 190, 270, 350 and 460 mm. The RTP system is manufactured from materials that are resistant to multiple sterilization (autoclave, ethylene oxide, gamma sterilization, H2O2 sterilization, etc.).
Rapid Transfer Port
Rapid Transfer Port
The RTP System Features:


Nominal size 190mm, 270mm, 350mm
Materials 316L Stainless steel, silicone, Teflon
Adaptable to any industry standard alpha ports
Alpha/Beta door interlock functionality unaffected
Compatible with VHP decontamination
Material certificates


The security mechanism is fully interlocked with the following automatic functions

Beta container enables the material transfer without contamination of the material contained. Once the Beta part is coupled with the Alpha port, the port can be opened and the operator can introduce or remove materials from the controlled containment area.