IBC Bin Lifter


IBC bin lifter Machine is mainly used for conveying and charging solid material in the pharmaceutical industry. It can work with the mixer, tablet press and capsule filling machine, etc. It is also widely used in such industries as pharmacy, chemical, food, etc.


The machine is mainly composed of chassis, column, lifting system, etc. When it works, push the hopper loaded with material into the lifting crotch of the lifter. Press the lifting button to make the hopper lift. After the hopper reaches the set position, rotate the chassis to connect closely with the equipment to be charged. Start the discharging butterfly valve to transfer the material to the next procedure.


This machine is designed on the basis of a wide researching and adopting foreign advanced technology. Its outline structure is reasonable and performance stable. It is simple to operate. The whole machine has no dead angles, residue, uneven surface or protruded screws. It is easy to clean to effectively control dust pollution and cross contamination, which optimizes production process and fully meets the standard of GMP for medicine production.

IBC Bin Lifter