Aseptic Isolator

Ravona Aseptic Isolators allow easy working with Potent Biological substances that demand an aseptic environment.

This system is unique since it’s designed to protect substances and processes in an aseptic environment, at the same time protect the user from potent materials classified as band 4 and band 5 exposure category.

The system is designed for use in biological potent laboratories mainly for manipulation of potent biological substances, it allows an easy working environment for researchers eliminating the needs of pressure suits and other awkward solutions.

Ravona’s Aseptic Isolators are focused on protecting the substance and the user.  The chamber works under negative pressure in this case, since human health is at stakes along with product/substance protection conditions to ensure full containment.
The system is designed to ensure internal laminar flow to aid in preventing contamination and cross- contamination.

Ravona’s Aseptic Isolators are made of SS316 construction with full effective cleaning abilities among which are rounded corners, Cleaning in Place (CIP), the surface polish of Ra<0.4.
Full cGMP documentation is provided.

Aseptic Sterile Isolator
Aseptic Sterile Isolator
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