Roll Compactor

  • All Contact parts are made of SS 316L except rollers.
  • All covers are designed to obtain dust-free operation.
  • Feed screw is steplessly driven through VFD.
  • Compacting rolls made of tools steel with hard chrome plating & mirror finishing.
  • Pre-compaction chamber with de aeration guides the product to rolls without any trouble.
  • Provision of interlocking between main roll drive and feed screw drive.
  • Water jacketing arrangement for roller cooling facility.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack system to applied desired pressure on rollers.
  • AC Variable speed Drive for rollers.
  • Online oscillating/Continuous granulator.
  • PLC & HMI based controls.
  • WIP System for efficient cleaning of all contact parts after every batch process.
  • In compliance with cGMP.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance with process data records and multi level password.
Roll Compactor