Auto Coater

Adroit Tablet coating machine can effectively be used for film and sugar coating for tablets.

Perforated pan has around shape and mixing baffles are positioned on the central sector of the drum and has proven over the years to guarantee the best coating result. It comes loaded with spraying system with peristaltic pump and solution tank along with air handling unit and exhaust blower.

Salient features:
  • In compliance with cGMP
  • Sanitary design of pan
  • Excellent tablet rolling removable baffle
  • Spraying system with peristaltic pump and solution tank
  • Effective coating of tablets
  • Adjustable angle of spray guns and distance between each spray gun
  • Interchangeable pans from higher to lower capacity
  • Very effective hot air flow pattern to minimize the process time
  • Zero discharge of tablets at the end of the process
  • WIP system is provided for automatic cleaning after every batch
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliance with process data records and multi level password.
Auto Coater
Auto Coater