Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ointment/cream manufacturing plant

Capacity from 50kgs to 1500kgs.

  • Better mixing and emulsifying and lesser mixing time with new specially designed Anchor of main manufacturing vessel
  • Choice of various types of Anchor for main manufacturing vessel
  • Inbuilt homogenizer with mechanical seal Top or Bottom entry for main manufacturing vessel
  • Mixing under vacuum due to mechanical seal provided at Anchor & Homogenizer of main manufacturing vessel
  • Hydraulic Lid lifting with limit switch for easy opening & cleaning of top disk of main manufacturing vessel
  • Light glass with light arrangement provided for clear visualization of inner side of vessel
  • VFD for Anchor (Optional)
  • Open top entry agitator cowl disk type or small Anchor in wax vessel
  • Open top with top entry propeller type agitator in water vessel
  • Jacket have heating through steam (Electrical heating Optional)
  • PLC base model also available.