Side Cartoner

With iXAPACK PACKAGING designing and manufacturing, this Cartoner shapes cartons from pre-glued blanks, automatically introduces the products (bags, trays,…) by pushing or by drawer and closes the carton.

The pusher side cartoner introduces the products (trays type) in the carton thanks to a pusher that serves as a guide ; whereas the drawers side cartoner, the product (bags type) is introduced in the carton thanks to the drawer insertion in it.

The iXAPACK PACKAGING cartoner allows putting your products with a production speed up to 220 cartons per minute. The horizontal cartoner also provides easy, quick and fully automatic changeover of formats. Only the cartons’ mask changeover has to performed manually but without tools.

Side Cartoner
Side Cartoner

Benefits & advantage:

  • Easy to use: Human-Machine interface via 12-inch colour touch screen
  • Discharge spout of recovery for defective products
  • Automatic format change
  • Carton support replacement without the use of tools
  • Scalable Machine: creation of new formats via desk panel
  • Blanks picking with three-armed rotary device
  • Positively driven